Digital Precision in Oncology: Unveiling the Digital RANO Tool


Join us for an enlightening on demand webinar featuring Dr. Gerry Thompson, FRCR, PhD, a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology and Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist from the University of Edinburgh. In this video, Dr. Thompson showcase the remarkable capabilities of our collaborative digital RANO assessment tool.

Key takeaway points

Expert Insights

Delve into the intricacies of the digital RANO tool with Dr. Gerry Thompson. His vast experience in the field brings a wealth of knowledge about this cutting-edge technology.

Innovative Collaboration

Learn how the University of Edinburgh's collaboration has propelled advancements in digital tumor assessment.

Tool Demonstration

Experience the digital RANO tool firsthand through a demonstration. See its practical applications in oncology.

Enhanced Accuracy

Understand how this tool elevates the precision and reliability of brain tumor measurements and tracking.

Practical Application

Understand the integration and application of this tool in multi-site clinical trials, facilitated by QMENTA's Imaging Hub, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness.



Gerry Thompson, FRCR PhD.
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology & Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist